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                SLEEP TIGHT!

                A good night’s sleep is extremely important. A good night’s sleep contributes to the overall quality of life and the next day’s productivity. HomeTown has a wide range of mattresses made of different materials from which you can choose. While looking to buy mattress online, HomeTown has a fine selection to make sure you find a perfect fit for your bed frame.

                For a productive day and healthy life, sufficient sleep is a must. And for a peaceful and sound sleep, a good mattress is a must. Although a mattress just appears to be a surface, it is much more than that. Unfortunately many think all mattresses are more or less the same. Well, a mattress is much more complicated than that. Scroll down to know more…


                Quite often mattresses and box springs are sold separately to customize the height of the bed as per the customer’s preference. When purchasing a mattress you must keep in mind the bed’s dimensions. Other than the size and materials, you would want to check the firmness of the mattress. The pillow top of the mattress needs to provide extra layers of softness for the cushion joints. Look for wrapped coils to avoid motion transfer on a mattress. The coiled spring provides good support and gives it a bouncy feel.

                A mattress alone cannot offer comfort and a night of good sleep. A mattress foundation also plays a crucial role in how well your body feels after waking up from sleep. Mattress foundations are also available in a variety of options. The adjustable or power base is a movable foundation, where it lifts your head and feet up, thereby creating a sense of weightlessness. Bunky boards on the other hand do not offer much height and are the thinnest foundation base. Made out of a solid piece of wood or MDF, the wooden plank is wrapped in a fabric and is placed under the mattress. As high as eight inch, the box spring is a wooden frame that is as big as your mattress. For contemporary bedrooms, low-profile foundations are an ideal choice. These are upgraded versions of traditional box springs, which are four inch higher.


                Choosing a mattress size can be daunting. Don’t worry, we have got you covered as we are here to ease your shopping experience. A single sleeper would need nothing bigger than a full mattress, however, for a couple or two sleepers, the queen size mattress is an ideal choice. Taller spouses and couples who share a bed with a small child or pet can opt for a king size mattress.

                To avoid cramping up the bedroom, make sure you are aware of the room’s dimensions. Measure the room’s length and width to decide your mattress size. For a 7’ X 10’ bedroom, a twin mattress should be perfect. While for a queen size mattress, the recommended room size would be 10’ X 10’, a king size mattress demands the room size to be at least 11’ X 12’. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you buy mattress online. These questions will ensure that the mattress you are investing in will be worth the money.

                - What is the number of people that will be sleeping on the bed?

                - What is the size of the room?

                - What mattress height are you looking for?

                - What specific material are you looking for in your mattress?

                - What pattern and colour of the mattress would complement your bed?

                - Are you looking for any other special features in your mattress?

                - What level of firmness are you looking for in your mattress?

                - Does the mattress price fit your budget?

                Thoroughly answer these questions before you buy mattress online.


                Sleep is all about comfort. And what better than a soft, cozy mattress to help you relax every muscle after a tiring day at work. While choosing to buy mattress online, look for HomeTown’s wide range of mattresses that would perfectly fit your bed frame. As you plan on designing your sanctuary, look for HomeTown’s range of mattresses from king size bed mattresses to Twin size bed mattresses, support types from innerspring mattresses to memory foam mattress, and comfort levels from firm to plush. Browse through HomeTown’s high-quality mattresses by comfort, size, function and more at affordable prices.

                King size bed mattress

                The largest and most comfortable size of bed mattress, the king size mattress is majorly available in two types: Eastern King bed mattress and California King bed mattress. Make sure which one you are looking for and then make the purchase. The mattresses come in memory foam, hybrid versions and traditional innerspring. While the Eastern King bed mattress is 76 inch wide and 80 inch long, the California King bed mattress is 72 inch wide and 84 inch long.

                Queen size bed mattress

                Ideal for two people, the queen size bed mattress is 60 inch in width and 80 inch in length. A queen size mattress offers nearly 30 inch of space to each person on a shared bed.

                Foam mattress

                One of the most common and popular types of mattresses, the foam mattress tends to cradle the body. The foam mattress traps heat and provides customised support as the mattress forms to your body.

                Memory foam mattress

                Made entirely with soft, pliable foam material, a memory foam mattress is designed to provide durable support. Memory foam can contour without breaking down, hence it is one of the most popular types of mattresses.

                Coir mattress

                A coir mattress is a mattress that is made out of the husk of coconuts. Its layers are held together with little natural latex. It offers a firm surface for sleeping.

                Spring mattress

                The spring mattress is the most traditional type of mattress. It is made out of steel or metal coils and is surrounded by layers of other materials that provide support.

                Cotton mattress

                A cotton mattress is made out by stuffing cotton inside a fabric, which is generally water-proof. They are light in weight and hence can be easily moved.

                Hybrid mattress

                Made with a combination of memory foam and innerspring, the hybrid mattress is designed to provide softness and support.

                Full size mattress

                A full mattress is the same size as a twin mattress but it is not as twice as wide. A full size mattress works best for single sleepers.

                Air mattress

                Made out of foam layers, air mattresses do not sag over time.

                Organic mattress

                For environmentally-conscious people, an organic mattress is an ideal choice. These mattresses also limit exposure to chemicals and other toxins. Organic mattresses are made out of natural latex, organic wool, recycled steel support coils and organic cotton.


                The bed mattress price depends on various factors, including the brand, material, size and type of mattress. You can choose from various mattresses within the desired price range simply by choosing the value from our price filter. The available range of mattress online is designed specifically keeping in mind the requirements of the users. It is indeed a combination of comfort and style, where every mattress promises a sound sleep, so you can wake up fresh and happy the next morning.

                When it comes to a range of high-quality mattresses, you wouldn’t have to spend lavishly. HomeTown has a wide range of mattresses with special features. If you are looking for great savings, then you have come to the right place.

                The available range of spring mattresses online helps in relieving back pain. Our special range of orthopedic mattresses is one of the best mattresses online and is a boon for all those suffering from spine and posture problems. You can purchase a bed mattress online and choose to pay via secure internet banking or credit card EMI options. Besides, you can acquire amazing discounting offers of up to 80 per cent during our mattress sale. So look no further and grab the desired mattress for your bed and save big on deals and get a good night’s sleep.


                1. How do I choose a mattress size?

                - It is easier to measure a mattress size. Start by measuring your bedroom. Find out its length and width. This will help you determine the mattress size. Understand your mattress size options whether it is a queen size, king size, etc. And lastly, make sure that your mattress is the same size as your foundation and bed frame.

                2. What is the normal size of a bed?

                - The standard size of a bed is 91 cm × 198 cm (36 in × 78 in).

                3. How do I measure my bed size?

                - One should always measure the bed from the top of the mattress to the bottom of it while maintaining a straight line.

                4. What is a mattress set?

                - Mattress set comes with a mattress and a matching foundation. The foundations are available in a plethora of sizes, therefore it is important you make sure the foundation matches before you buy mattress online. Few of the foundation sizes include low foundation base, which is perfect for people who prefer having their bed closer to the floor, and high foundation base, for people who prefer a raised bed.

                5. Is a metal box spring better than a wood box spring?

                - Both are equally good. However, while wood is lighter than metal and you have to move your foundation base a lot, then a wood box spring should be an ideal choice.

                6. Which is the best type of mattress for stomach sleepers?

                - Since sleeping on the stomach, the spine lacks the necessary surface where it can rest. A maximum level of density is required, hence a firm or medium innerspring mattress should be an ideal choice for a stomach sleeper.

                7. Which is the best type of mattress for back sleepers?

                - While sleeping on the back, you have to make sure that the surface is soft and comfortable. A firm memory foam mattress or a medium hybrid mattress offers an equal amount of support and comfort.

                8. Which is the best type of mattress for side sleepers?

                - Sleeping on the side builds more pressure on your hips and shoulders. Therefore, you need to opt for a softer mattress. A plush memory foam mattress or plush hybrid mattress should be a perfect option for side sleepers.


                HomeTown is your one-stop destination for all your home decor requirements. We understand your needs and live up to those expectations. We aim at trimming down your physical need of travelling to the store by assuring A-one online service and after sales service. Raining with discounts and offers, HomeTown makes sure you wouldn’t need to bargain to purchase a quality product. Check out HomeTown’s fine selection of elegant home furnishing and decor, stunning modular kitchens, astounding tableware and kitchenware, statement furniture and sleek bathware. Happy browsing!