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                Enhance Your Living Room and Privacy with Beautiful Curtain Designs

                You would hardly find a house that does not have curtains which are installed at the windows and doors. The main purpose of curtains is to block off sunlight when you think it is necessary. Plus, they also help in blocking dust and other pollutants, reducing indoor pollution and negating the chance for you and your family members to get respiratory ailments.

                Curtains also reflect your personality and your taste of style. Different curtain designs add a certain level of beauty and character to your house. When curtains are opened to allow sunlight into the living room it negates the need to use lights, thus indirectly helping you in saving electricity.

                Apart from windows, there are various door curtain designs which can be installed in bedroom and hall doors. They allow you to maintain privacy and reduce the need for shutting main and bedroom doors very often. Houses with balconies can also be graced with balcony curtains to add some life in that part of the house.

                At HomeTown, you can get amazing curtain designs which can cater your needs in all possible ways. You can also buy curtains online on HomeTown to save some money and enjoy some privacy.

                Types of Curtains on Hometown

                Different users have different requirements when it comes to curtains. Therefore, you will find curtains that are available in different designs and sizes to fulfil these requirements. Here are some types of curtains available on HomeTown:

                • Living room curtains
                • Living room curtains are installed mostly on the windows of a living room. These living room curtains are available in different designs and colours that let you add life to your living room. It further helps in regulating the entry of sunlight and blocks dust from entering the living space. But it’s availability in multiple designs and bright colours make the interiors of your house look better, thus making a good first impression on your guests.

                • Bedroom curtains
                • Often while sleeping or working at home inside your bedroom you would close the bedroom door. But closing the bedroom door cuts you off from what is happening inside the house. To avoid such a situation you can buy bedroom curtains.

                  Bedroom curtains can be installed at bedroom doors and it helps you in maintaining a certain amount of privacy inside the bedroom. Different bedroom curtain designs make sure that you also add some beauty to your already beautiful bedroom.

                • Blind curtain
                • Blind curtains, also known as office curtains, were quite commonly found in the commercial office rooms. The main feature of a blind curtain is that its blinds can be slanted to allow sunlight in the room or block it as per the requirement. Blind curtains also come with ropes which are used to pull the curtain horizontally. These benefits of blind curtains are encouraging more people to use them in their houses too.

                  If the interiors of your house are formal than fitting a blind curtain inside the house will be a good option.

                • Bamboo curtains
                • With people becoming increasingly environment-friendly, more people are flocking towards bamboo curtains. Since these curtains, as the name suggests, are made from bamboo, they are qualified to be called as an eco-friendly. Unlike fabric curtains, bamboo curtains are easy to maintain because it does not require washing at regular intervals. When compared to fabric curtains, bamboo curtains are lightweight and easy to operate. If your interior decor is full of wooden items and attics then bamboo curtains will easily gel with them.

                • Kitchen curtains
                • Kitchen room is a place which is special to everyone because it is a place where your favourite food gets prepared. Hence, it is important to prevent the accumulation of dust inside the kitchen which can be achieved by installing a kitchen curtain. Kitchen curtains are also known as plastic curtains because of the material used in making it.

                • PVC curtains
                • PVC curtains are mainly used for creating separate areas in factories, restaurants and cold storage facilities. But these days, it is increasingly becoming popular inside our homes. PVC curtains keep an air-conditioned room cooler as it prevents the escape of air from your room. Apart from that, PVC curtains are also used inside the bathroom to provide privacy.

                Things to Consider While Buying Curtains from Hometown

                Always remember that before you start looking out for curtains take a good look at your house and the interiors. While curtains have become an essential item for most homes, you need a curtain set that matches with your house interiors. Since curtains reflect the personality of the people living in the house, they should be chosen accordingly.

                For instance, if you are focused on getting your house look more pretty and breezy, then cotton curtains will be a good option which comes in many attractive designs and colours.

                Curtains Are Available In A Wide Range On Hometown

                You can get choosy on HomeTown because curtains are available on this platform in a wide range. Here is a list of curtain ranges available on HomeTown:


                • Fiesta
                • Emilia Jacquard
                • Amour
                • Nora
                • Emilia Blackout


                • Amour Jacquard
                • Fiesta Jacquard
                • Motif

                Cotton Polyester

                • Amour Cotton


                • Motif Cotton
                • Living Essence

                Affordable Curtains Are Available On Hometown

                Curtains are available on HomeTown in a wide variety and all these varieties are available at different prices. But there is one thing in common, all the prices of different curtain products are very reasonable. Reasonable curtain prices allow you to buy multiple units of curtains without straining your pockets.

                Buy Curtains Online From Hometown

                Get your favourite curtain from HomeTown through the most efficient way that is through online purchase. There are many advantages of shopping online since it helps in saving a lot of time which can get wasted in visiting a shop physically. Plus, shopping online gives you the option of surfing through multiple curtains and comparing them with relative ease. Hence, do buy curtains online from HomeTown and avoid cash by making payments using debit/credit cards.

                Exciting Deals on Curtains Are Available On Hometown

                HomeTown offers eye-grabbing deals on curtains sale to attract a lot of customers. Apart from deals, HomeTown also offers regular discounts on curtains which ranges from 40% to 60%. So take advantage of these deals and discounts and buy curtains online from HomeTown before the stock runs out.

                Apart from curtains, HomeTown is also in the business of offering other pieces of home items like sofa sets, loungers, dressing mirrors, wall shelves, outdoor tables, cushion covers, blankets, and many more. So do shop from HomeTown

                Frequently Asked Questions

                What different materials are used in making curtains?

                Curtains are made from different materials like cotton, bamboo, plastic, polyester, polycotton and many more.

                What is the standard dimension of Curtains?

                There is no standard dimension of curtains but curtains usually come in sizes like 63 inches, 84 inches, 95 inches, 108 inches, and 120 inches.

                What factors should I consider before buying curtains for a room?

                Before buying curtains take the measurements of that place and take a look at interiors of that room and buy accordingly.

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